SaaS building: Learnings after the tumultuous first 5 months, after 12-year career in Full Stack Web Development

In this article, I’ll share my experiences in building SaaS products, focusing on the lessons learned from my missteps rather than celebrating successes. I believe that failure can provide more substantial insights than success. It all started 5 months ago when I embarked on a journey away from my well-paying job, leaving behind a 12-year career as a full-stack web ...

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Discover the 10 Outstanding Facebook Groups Empowering Tech Entrepreneurs

The hard truth is that you cannot do it alone, and that’s why communities are essential. A critical aspect of any online business owner is the like-minded people you hang out with. After days of researching Facebook and LinkedIn groups, I created a list of communities for tech entrepreneurs on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Engaging and contributing to these ...

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What is Chromium?

Chromium is an open-source browser project part of "The Chromium Projects". I wrote a few words about it, you can read more here. Developed by Google, it is the engine running behind Google Chrome browser (hence the naming similarity) made available open source. The Google Chrome browser, while being built on top of Chromium, it is proprietary software. So why ...

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What is “The Chromium Projects”?

Introduction "The Chromium Projects" include the open source projects Chromium (the project behind Google Chrome browser) and Chrome OS (behind Google Chrome OS). About Copyright: It was initially developed by Google and made available open source to be contributed on by the community. Anyone can contribute to the chromium and chromium os projects - even you! Not only that, ...

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I use my 12 years of web app development experience to build qualitative web products that provide value by resolving real problems.

Developing a web application should be a simple and intuitive process for every entrepreneur wanting to create an online business.

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